There’s No Pity In The Rose City!

16 Dec

There’s No Pity in the Rose City

Everyone in the Timbers Army do this chant every match as they raise their “No Pity Scarfs”. Did you ever wonder when these scarfs were made and who designed them? We all know the people who have designed things for the 107ist and the TA currently but none of them designed the First ever “Timbers Army Scarf”.

The Timbers Army’s were known as the “Cascade Rangers” when the Timbers took the pitch in 2001. By 2002 the Cascade Rangers became know as the “Timbers Army”. The Timbers Army would meet up once a month when it was off season for the Timbers. We called them “The Gathering” back then. It was one of these meet ups in October at the Bitter End 2002 that the idea of a Timbers Army scarf was put on a napkin. A very good friend of mine, Chris Slater started to draw his idea of what the Timbers Army Scarf would look like. This is when and how “No Pity” was put on one side of the scarf. The Bar design was to represent the current “Hoops” jersey the Timbers had at this time. The Cascade Rangers logo was to honor where the Timbers Army came from. 107 is where the Timbers Army stood and PTFC was our Club.Timbers Army

2fd1In our November Gathering Chris came up with a color designs and we picked which font we liked. The picture is Steven, Chris and Kurt from Horse Brass. Chris then placed the first order to Sports Scarf. Chris wanted to get the scarfs done so we would all have them to give out as Christmas gifts. It was not long after that Chris invited me to his place to see a prototype Sports Scarf made. I was amazed on how well it turned out.887d

December we all Gathered at the Bitter End to pick up our first ever Timbers Army Scarf order. Cost was $8 a scarf. What a deal. Chris would say “It was on this day that we turned Portland Green and White one scarf at a time”.DSCF0001 I have given away many scarfs. I gave these out when I was in Ireland and England. Chris did the orders for these scarfs for years only asking for money to cover the coast of the scarf. Through the years you have seen small changes done to the scarf but it still remained true to the original design. Chris would change the color of the fringe after a thousand were made. We were a small group back then. There was no 107ist to draw money from or bounce ideas from. Anything we did was done with our own money. We never sold the scarfs for profit. I know to many that this scarf is known and advertised as “The No Pity Scarf”. To Chris and I it is the “Timbers Army Scarf”. The Timber Army grew after the Scarf came out and everyone knew you were part of the Timbers Army. So the next time you put on your Timbers Army scarf or see one, think about who came up with the idea and design. When you see Chris at Jeld -Wen field at the South end give him a wave or thank him for what he has done for the Portland and the Timbers Army.

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One response to “There’s No Pity In The Rose City!

  1. Don Cox

    December 18, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Cheers, Kurt! Keep our history alive!!!


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